The Green Lounge

An Oasis of the Senses

The Green Lounge is the largest rooftop restaurant in the city. Set with the theme of dining in nature, The Green Lounge offers a complete treat for the senses, offering its customers the option of choosing from six distinctly arranged dining areas. It celebrates nature as an escape from the fast-paced urban life.

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Project preview

Positioning an upscale rooftop restaurant

We arrived at a unique theme to be developed upon from a detailed discussion with the restaurant owner and prospective customers, derived from their behavior and preferences. All media of communication was then processed, keeping with that particular positioning theme, so that The Green Lounge could maintain and flourish with a reliable, consistent image. Set with a specific theme to work on, The Green Lounge was made into a focused restaurant.

Main problems

The challenge

The Green Lounge was struggling to attract target customers to their restaurant. Without a
well-defined positioning, they were unable to grow with a definite aim in mind. As a result,
their communication to prospective customers as an upscale, fine-dine restaurant was also
unclear. The desired societal group was not being reached properly and the theme of the
information transmitted was not defined.

What we have done

Our approach

Through finding the intangible assets of The Green Lounge, and the values that it had the
potential to offer, we developed some key themes for the restaurant. We, then, clarified the
proper audience for the restaurant through initial research.

Based on this, we came up with a positioning concept which would help The Green Lounge
to be perceived as an “Oasis of the senses” – a place to get off-track from all the hustle of the
chaotic city life of Dhaka.

We also came up with a relevant communication guideline that includes the tone, communication tactics and a complete visual guideline to make this brand consistent and focused.



Capturing the true beauty

Setting the style of the photography, befitting with the theme of the restaurant’s secluded,
cosy ambience, available light by day and ambient lights at night are used for The Green
Lounge’s photography to maintain the natural style. Ambience, still life, food and portrait
photography are used to show how The Green Lounge is an Oasis of the Senses and
strengthen its core value proposition that no other restaurants have been doing.



You can get it easily

The website was designed to give visitors an idea about the experience in the restaurant. The dominance of greenness and focus on the environment was the priority in designing the website.