The Smartifier Academy

Reimagine Possibilities

The Smartifier Academy is one of a kind online and offline platform. It aims to develop the skills of students and professionals of Bangladesh by teaching them Meta Learning Skills. Smartifier Academy’s main motivation is to teach people the mind-set of winners.

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Project preview

Categorizing Meta-Learning Skill Academy

Through secondary study and thorough discussions, we created a unique value proposition for The Smartifier Academy that will help it to reach out to its prospects and collaborators with a strong conviction and clear message. The tone and theme of its communication was set to complement the positioning concept and solidify the brand identity. The aim was to lay out The Smartifier Academy’s potential, trustworthiness and exceptional endeavour to its audience.

Main problems

The challenge

The Smartifier Academy was not yet defined as belonging to a particular category in the professional training industry. It did not have a distinct value proposition which it could offer to attract relevant audience. Adopting a proper positioning concept was proving difficult since there was no reference point to work on, seeing as The Smartifier Academy is the first to offer training of this kind.

What we have done

Our approach

We gathered information for secondary study analysis. Based on those results, we had discussions with the relevant industry thought-leaders. This helped us to come up with a well- defined positioning concept of “Reimagine Possibilities”. It made it easier for the prospects of The Smartifier Academy to understand the skill category being offered, as well as for The Smartifier Academy to communicate itself in a better way to its collaborators.
The positioning concept was also used to build on The Smartifier Academy’s identity and all its visual elements to maintain a consistent image.